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No Coding Required. We automatically add testing & survey capabilities to your app 

No Provisioning Profiles or UDIDs. Upload any build. No code-signing, provisioning, or Enterprise certificate required

Contextual Feedback. Prompt for responses at the right moment in app to ensure contextual feedback

Automatic Security. Our technology safely distributes your app and deactivates it after the study

Mobile testing without engineering time

Any Audience. Access to over 20 million users to get your target audience at statistical scale

Deep User Targeting. Target users of a specific app or app category to get a representative audience

Short & Longitudinal Tests. From short first impression tests all the way to multi-week longitudinal tests


Statistically significant data you can trust

Your App vs Competitors. Compare across 25 different attributes (including Net Promoter Score)

Your Best & Worst User Segments. Understand your users segments (including demographics & the apps they use )

Understand Why. Go deeper than just analytics and understand why users love or hate your app

Track Your Progress. Test early and often and track your improvements over time

Does your mobile app stand out vs competitors?


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Map user journeys up to multiple weeks

Understand your first time user experience

Fully custom testing to meet any need

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